1. Spriting me up some cowboys. This shit takes *forever*

    Spriting me up some cowboys. This shit takes *forever*

  2. I’ve fixed the typo.

    I’ve fixed the typo.

  3. Game Maker cowboy shootout thing. Decided to make something really fast and simple just to have a project I could finish in weeks rather than years. This is the first pass which has taken me two days. Mechanically it’s all there, just needs loads of balancing and to be prettier to look at.

    And yes I know there’s a typo in one of the messages but after trying to work out reversed angles in negative degrees relative to object positions ‘fuck it’ was my basic position on that.

  4. More Game Maker. Added a full, albeit rough, motion/direction system to the horror game. 28 separately animated sprites penciled in.

    Also added a save system, coded from scratch. *Spectacularly* poor effort to reward ratio. It obviously needs to exist but hard to point at and say ‘look what I made’.

    Elsewhere spent some time reworking the shooter thing from scratch but that’s mainly along the lines of ‘starting from scratch’ - so much messy code from simply learning what to do I decided it was more prudent to start over than work around all the mistakes.

  5. Game Maker animation rough: first signs of life.
    The motion’s quite broad but seeing as she’ll only be about 300 pixels high on screen it needs to be more exaggerated.

  6. Horror game lighting engine’s more or less sorted bar a couple of depth issues (the yellow faces are still ‘above’ the shadows but that’s just a couple of wrong numbers not a code issue). Otherwise, lights flicker, shadows are cast and the inventory system works. There’s also a save system opening ini files and writing changes although you can’t see that bit.

  7. Tonight’s lesson: hand drawn walk cycles are really hard.

  8. Well hello procedurally generated settlements with a 1 in 5 chance of being sick (the little red guys). Each time the game starts it positions the bases, populates them and decides if each little man is healthy or not. Trying to get to grips better with both arrays and for loops. Next up food consumption and production - healthy people make it, sick people don’t and consume more.

  9. Do at least have throttling now. (Numbers are just there from when I was tracking a bug).

  10. Game Maker update: Finally managed to add fresh stuff to the vaguely titled ‘Shooter Thing’ after a bug that took ages to fix. Once that was sorted I was able to add loads of new mechanics. Not far off getting to a point where the gameplay is starting to come together.